Management and Support Team

edshot Ed Noel
Ed Noel, owner of Team Noel Racing, has participated in Reno Air Racing since 2002 and currently fields two race aircraft in the Jet Class (Race 5 and Race 25) and the pace plane for Sports Class Gold. Ed is a pilot himself and previously served as his team’s crew chief – Today he prefers to watch and enjoy the races and let experienced team members run the show.

rickvandam Rick Vandam
Rick is an Air Force Academy grad and he currently flies for US Air. Rick is a former Nevada Air National Guard fighter pilot and flew with the squadron known as the “High Rollers”. He serves the American Spirit team as primary race pilot.

jimoneal Jim O’Neal
Jim is American Spirit’s airshow pilot. He is a former Air Force Viet Nam combat veteran and worked for NASA during the Apollo program. Currently Jim is an engineering consultant for Bravo Zulu Inc.

Minh Venator
Speed Merchant and Tech Rep, A&P

biophoto Les Schebo
Les serves as American Spirit’s Crew Chief.

marcum Frank Marcum
Frank is presently the Vice President, Marketing for Bravo Zulu Services, Inc. He also served for 36 years with the U.S. Army and retired a Lieutenant Colonel. Following his military service he was an instructor with Tulsa ISD and was an Oklahoma finalist for the NASA Teacher in Space Project. He loves to fly and holds a commercial and multi-engine license. Frank has been an L-39 crew member for the past 6 years.

biophoto Jeff Bertsch
Jeff is also a member of American Spirit’s ground crew.

mata Sam Mata: The Officers Club II (HQ: West Houston Airport)

fertita Mark Fertita: The Officers Club II (HQ: West Houston Airport)

graham Graham Harris: The Officers Club II (HQ: West Houston Airport)

Brown Pat Brown: The Officers Club II (HQ: West Houston Airport)
Pat Brown is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Houston-based Pro-Mark Corporation, a music products manufacturer. In addition to being an active musician, he is also a CFII and glider instructor as well as Chief Tow Pilot for the Greater Houston Soaring Association.

wellink Jos Wellink: The Officers Club II (HQ: West Houston Airport)
Jos is member of American Spirit’s ground crew. He is also a CFI / Europe.